5 miles. Start/finish: The walk starts in the car park of the Dodford Inn, which can be found on Whinfield Road, B61 9BG. Terrain: Good, through woodland, fields and small roads. Can be muddy. Short distances on minor roads. All footpaths followed are clearly marked or signposted. The route is recommended for summer when the foliage will keep you cool. A path between (F) and (N) allows the route to be split into two smaller walks.

From the pub car park (A) turn right into Whinfield Road and at the T-junction take the path opposite. Go through the gate, turn right and follow the path down the field (B). Follow the path out of the field, left through the undergrowth with stream and then back into open fields after crossing a stile by a gate. Turn right and follow the path over the brow of the hill with a hedgerow on your right until a metal gate is reached. Through the gate and down through a wooded section until you meet the tiny Brimstone Ln (C).

Follow the service road (ignore the main path on the left that goes into the woods) straight on as it gently rises. Just before the T-junction turn right into the footpath that runs to the left of the house. The path eventually meets a small track/service road where you will turn left. After a short distance, you will meet the road where you will turn right. Follow the road, passing the junctions to your left and right until you meet the junction (D) with a signpost to Dodford offering opposite directions! Turn left and follow Fockbury Rd for a quarter of a mile until you meet the footpath on your right (E).

Take the footpath and cross the two fields. At this point, you will cross another path but our route takes us straight on and down the steep path into the woods (F) and at the valley bottom across the wooden bridge. Again you meet another footpath, but at this one turn left and walk until you go through a gate onto a tarmac track. Follow the track to Priory Rd (G) and cross it following the footpath. This path eventually turns into a small service road. At the end of the road, cross over and take the footpath up the slope and into High Wood (H). Keep straight on and the path turns into a service lane.

Eventually, the lane meets a footpath which you will take. The path descends through a field to a bridge. Cross the bridge and follow the path into the wood. The path twists and turns through the undergrowth and gradually veers to the right. You will meet a track that runs to a large house (I) to your right. Turn right onto the footpath and ascend into the woods. The path continues through woodland up a slope until Woodcote Ln is reached (J). Turn right and immediately on your right the path goes through a gate and back into Nutnells Wood.

The path exits the wood via a gate and runs alongside a field. At the field boundary, our path heads to the right through a gate and up a gentle slope past a small and pretty pond (K). Again through woods, follow the clearly marked path as it veers left and up a series of steps eventually coming out at Woodland Rd (L). Follow the road left and then right into Church Rd. Go straight across the crossroads and on to the T-junction and the village hall (M). The path runs to the left of the hall and gets steeper as it progresses. Once the track/road is reached (N), turn left and walk until the Dodford Inn car park is reached on your right.

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