3.5 miles. Start/finish: Car Park, Robin Hood, Drayton. DY9 0BW. Terrain is good, through fields. The footpaths followed are clearly marked or signposted.

The Robin Hood (A) is a few yards down the road from the start of the walk. Turn right out of the pub past the small lane, and down the hill. Take the first footpath to the right (B); follow it as it runs uphill by the side of dwellings eventually becoming a paved road. A short distance along, take the bridleway (C) to the left past the farm buildings with hedges on either side. The bridle track follows a reasonably straight route but at the metal gate at which it turns sharply right (D), take the footpath straight on through the field. Again follow the path in a straight line as it ascends gently.

At the end of the field turn right and then left (E). The path then descends into (F) shrubs and small trees. After crossing a stile, turn right and cross the plank bridge.

You can shorten the walk by following the path to the left and rejoining the walk at (M).

The path now meets the Bournheath to Belbroughton road. Cross the road (G) and follow the footpath to the left of the hedge past the footpath intersection (H) at which the hedge will be on your right. Follow the footpath until it meets the Hartle Ln and turn left (I). Leave the road to the left (J) and follow the footpath that leads to the right of the tennis courts.

Cross the footpath (tarmacked) until you meet the road beside the school (K). Cross the road, into the churchyard (with the church on your right) and pick up the path that leads into fields (L). Follow the path until it meets the sewage works (M). The path then descends to a track.

The path leaves the track down into a wooded section that runs parallel to a stream and adjacent to a wall. Cross the bridge over the stream and then turn left onto the second path. This path crosses a stile and then runs adjacent to the attractive Drayton Pool (N). Eventually, the footpath comes out the on the road. 

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