5 miles. Start/finish: The Camp House, Grimley, WR2 6LX near Holt Fleet (A443). Terrain is good, following a towpath, through fields and woods. The footpaths followed are clearly marked or signposted.

The walk starts at the Camp House car park (A) at the end of Camp Lane. Follow the path around the pub and head south following the course of the river over stiles and through gates. After going through fields you will enter a wood (B). Continue to follow the river south until you meet the path (C) to the right which you will take. Still in woodland and before the wooden footbridge take the path (D) to the right.

Leave the wood at the ancient oak (E) and follow the path straight on and parallel to the hedge on your right. Through the gate (F) the path veers slightly to the left, under a power line and towards the corner of the field (G). Follow the track to the left but ignore the path on the left until you reach the tarmac drive. Ignore the bridleway left and turn right and then first left. This path (H) may be very overgrown so you can follow the track which runs parallel and to the left. The path continues with fishing lakes to the right and left at which point make sure you are on the footpath and follow this through the wooded section until you reach the open field (I).

The path marker suggests you should go straight on but it is better to turn right towards the lake and then turn left. Follow a straight path (with the coppice on your left) heading to the bottom corner of the field and parallel to the lake. In the next field ascend slightly and ignore the path to your right (J) until you meet the road (K). Follow the road right and then left past the vicarage. Ignore the first path but take the next to the right (L) just before the main road junction.

The path leads across a field to the left of the lake. Go through the gate and ascend in a straight line until you meet another gate (M). Go through the gate and follow the path to the right and then left. Go straight on or take the path right through the churchyard until you meet the road and the Wagon Wheel pub (N). Follow the road and then the track until it meets the river (O) when you turn right. Follow the path alongside the river ignoring the paths on the right but noting the junction of the Droitwich Barge Canal (P). You pass gates and a copse (Q) and walk alongside Bevere Lock until you reach the Camp House.

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  1. The Camp House Inn driveway and car park can only be accessed by car during opening hours as a new coded gate has been added where the drive comes off Camp Lane. The footpath to the pub is not affected but parking is awkward on the single track lane.

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