Housman Circular

3 miles. Circular walk with easy terrain with well-marked paths and some sections on quiet roads or along pavements. Start point, flower beds and notice board at the junction of Gibb Ln and Golden Cross Ln, Catshill B61 0JR.

From (A), carefully cross the road and walk down Golden Cross Ln, past the shops on your left. At the junction (B) turn left, cross the road and walk down the footpath on the right side of Church Rd passing three small roads. As you cross the last of these (Cowslip Cl), cross the road (C) and turn into the footpath that runs beside Battlefield Brook.

The path continues to Stourbridge Rd, where you will turn left and then cross the road. Head up the footpath at (D) as it follows a line past the graveyard, across a field, through some trees and across the motorway.

At (E) ignore the path to the right but follow the path as it runs to the right of the hedge, turning left then right. Halfway down the hedge turn left and follow the path (F) with the hedge on your right, until it exits on Rock Ln where you will turn right onto the road. Carefully follow the road until you meet (G) the junction of Valley Rd where you will turn left.

Follow Valley Rd past the house A.E. Housman until you get to Bumblehole Ln (H) where you will turn left. The lane eventually peters out into a footpath in a deep, attractive cutting. Follow this until you meet a footpath on your left (I) which you will follow back across the motorway, up a slope and under the motorway (J) where standing water often collects. The track meets a footpath (K) on your right which you take. The footpath runs parallel to the motorway (on your right) and come out on the Stourbridge Rd which you will carefully cross (L). Follow the cycle way to the left as it runs by the side of Battlefield brook, past a play area until at (M) it meets Milton Rd. Walk up Milton Rd until it crosses Barley Mow Lane. Cross onto the footpath adjacent to the supermarket and you will be back at the starting point.

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  1. Very nice walk. A few hills in places but we enjoyed the views over All Saints Church and passing through Bournheath. Good to see that all the stiles were passable without having to climb over or converted to kissing gates. We’ve driven over the motorway many times but to walk over the foot bridges was good fun too. We finished our walk with a meal at the Crown which was great value.

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