Marlbrook and Lickey Rock

3.6 miles. Moderate terrain with gentle climbs and one steep flight of steps. Note that two sections are along roads that have no pavement, so particular care should be taken to look out for traffic along these sections. Start point, flower beds and notice board at the junction of Gibb Lane and Golden Cross Lane, Catshill B61 0JR.

From (A) carefully cross the road and walk up Golden Cross Lane towards the bus stop and turn left at footpath (B). Follow the path until it opens out and turn right passing the Lingfield Walk Play Area (C). Cross the grassed field diagonally to the corner (D) and pick up the path as it runs alongside the flood prevention area for Marl Brook. The path leads to steep steps (E) up to the A38. Turn right at the top of the steps and head to the pedestrian crossing point (F).

Carefully cross the A38 and turn left. After a short distance, head down the access road on your right (G) and turn right again at the bottom of the slope. Continue to follow the drive until it becomes a footpath and does a dogleg left and then right. Follow the line of Marl Brook (H) through the Braces Lane Playground and continue along an enclosed path behind houses until it meets Cottage Lane (I) where you will turn left.

At this point, it is possible to shorten the walk by just over a mile by crossing over, turning right into Cottage Farm Lane and following the footpaths and road (Beaumont Lawns) to Marlbrook Lane. See map.

For the full walk, continue along Cottage Lane until you reach footpath (J) and follow it into a field. Continue straight on along the path walking uphill with the hedge on your left. Ignore two footpaths on your left, then, at a corner of the field, pass through the gate where a path runs between two gardens before it finishes at Alvechurch Highway (K) where you will turn right.

Be very careful to watch for traffic along this section of the walk as, after a short stretch, there is no pavement. There are places to step off the road however, and the extensive views to the right including Bredon, Malvern, Abberley and Clee Hills are superb. Your climb will end at Marlbook Lane (L) where you will turn right. Walk downhill taking extra care as you approach the bend in the road. After reaching the houses the pavement eventually re-appears. If you have taken the shorter route you will re-join the full walk here. Continue to the junction with Old Birmingham Road (M).

Carefully cross over Old Birmingham Road and pick up the bridleway opposite. Keep left along this section ignoring the footpaths on the right. This path runs behind houses and is uneven in places. It may also be a little overgrown. Continue until you reach Lickey Rock (N). Turn right and walk down the road to the junction with Linehouse Lane. Carefully go straight across into Staple Flat (O). This section of the walk has no roadside pavement, so watch out for traffic. At (P) turn right into the footpath and walk uphill. Cross Old Birmingham Road (Q) into the footpath opposite which will take you down to the A38 (R) where you will turn right. Use the crossing (S) and walk into Barley Mow Lane. Follow the lane almost to the end (T) where you turn right onto the footpath before the supermarket and you will be back at the starting point.

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