5 miles (4 if short version). Car park of the Park Gate Inn, Kidderminster Rd, Bromsgrove, B61 9AJ on the A448. Terrain is generally good, through fields and some stretches along minor roads. Most but not all footpaths are well marked.

Carefully cross the A448, and walk up the road (A) opposite the Park Gate Inn. At the signed footpath turn right until the gate on your left is reached. Go through the gate on your left (B) and turn immediately right continuing in the same direction as previously. Go down the track and over the gate (C). Head diagonally across the field past the trig point (D). Keep to a diagonal path heading down to the corner of the field. If you ignore the official path and go through the gate ahead of you, you will need to follow a diagonal path down to the right. Either way, you will be turning left to follow the hedgerow at the bottom of the slope.

Follow the hedgerow left until you meet the path and bridge that crosses it. Follow the path straight on until you meet the road (E), cross it and go over the stile. Cross the field diagonally and enter the next field walking parallel to the hedgerow which is on your right. The path bends slightly to the right and crosses a stream by means of a bridge which is virtually hidden by the hedgerow. Cross the next field and drop into the overgrown bridle (F) path near the corner of the field. Turn left and walk a short distance until you meet the low wooden stile (G) on your right that takes you to the other side of the bridle path. At this point, you may continue to follow the bridle path across the stream until you meet the path later (L). Otherwise, go across the metal stile and walk parallel to the fence. Continue through the first gate and at the next gate cross temporarily onto the other side of the fence.

At the pylon (H) you will cross back to the original path. Go up the farm track towards the farm. Follow the path at the top of the track round (and close to) the outer farm buildings (I). Go through the double gate, then the single gate, along the track to the next gate. Walk diagonally, down across the field towards the wooden fence (J) in the corner of the field. At the bottom of the slope there is a pond – you should be to the left here. Cross the fence and the bridge across the stream.

The next field is overgrown but the path veers to the left diagonally across the field towards an isolated barn (K). Continue in the same direction with the wooden hen shelters on your left following the path until the metal gate is reached. At the other side of the gate you will join up with the bridle path crossed earlier (L). Turn right and follow the track towards the road. There is a path on your left but as this may be overgrown, you may find it easier to continue to the road.

Turn left at the road (M), left again and walk past Timberhonger Farm (the other path comes out near here) until you meet the road on your left. Carry straight on and turn left (N) onto the footpath. Follow the path across the field keeping to the right of the copse until you meet the stile. Cross the stile and carry straight on until you meet the track. Turn left (O) and follow the track towards the farm, taking the right-hand fork. Then turn right (P) and follow the track to the gate you crossed earlier. Retrace your steps back to the car park.


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