3 miles. Start/finish: Car park of the Coach and Horses, Weatheroak, B48 7EA near Alvechurch. Terrain is generally good, through fields and some stretches along minor roads. Most but not all footpaths are well marked.

Turn right out of the Coach and Horses (A) and walk past the tiny brewery that stands in front of the pub. Walk past the Roman road of Ryknield Street which you will cross later and take the next small road on your right (B). Follow the bridle path (C) left until it turns into a track by the side of some farm dwellings. The bridle path can be followed until it meets the road, alternatively, cross the stile (D) and cross the field to the road.

Turn right at the road (E) (unless you’ve followed the bridle path, in which case turn left) and then take the path to the left (or right if you followed the bridle path) which follows the course of the private road through a gate. The path passes a stable and runs close to some dwellings eventually following a course along the side of a slope parallel to the M42. As you approach the farm (F), the path descends close to the motorway. The next section is not well-waymarked. At this point, you may cross the stile but as this section is overgrown, you may choose to walk alongside rather than on the official path. We will leave the path to take the second unmarked path which runs at right angles to the motorway. The path turns left up the slope where the fence curves out slightly. At the top of the ridge you will see the farm (F) which you will keep on your left as you descend and go through a gate (G), cross a farm road and straight over a stile.

Carry straight on through the next field across the stile and across the next field. At this point, the path (unmarked) crosses a fence until a hedgerow is met (H). At this point turn right and follow the path, past the pond to the road (I). Across the road into the next field directly opposite continue across the small gate. Again continue straight across the field, over the stile and then cross the next field up a gentle hill to the hedgerow (J).

The footpath and stile lie slightly to the right of the farm gate. Across the stile cross the field diagonally to the opposite corner where a tarmaced track is reached. Turn left (K) and follow the track past the dwelling until the road is reached where you will turn left. At the crossroads (L) turn left and descend to the car park passing the Windmill which gives this road its name.

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