3.5 miles. Start/finish: Woodgate, B60 4HG near Stoke Prior, Bromsgrove. The terrain is generally good, through fields, woods and some stretches along minor roads. Most footpaths are well-marked.

From the crossroads (site of the former Gate Hangs Well) (A) head North up Whitford Bridge Road. A short distance up the lane, take the footpath to the right (B) which runs almost parallel to the road across two stiles and a footbridge where you will turn right (C). The path now follows a straight path alongside a hedgerow. However, at the fourth field, the path does follow a course to the left of the hedgerow and cuts across the field to a marked stile. Follow the path (with the hedgerow on your right again) over a metal gate, through a wooden gate until you reach the road (D).

Turn right at the road and walk a short distance until the stile and footpath on the left a reached. Follow the path to the double stile and then turn right following the hedge. Go through the double gate and cross the field slightly diagonally to the stile. Cross the stile and pass to the right of the white house. Go through the gate onto Woodgate Road (E). Turn right and walk a short distance to the road junction. Turn left and follow the path to the right of the house (F). The path now climbs Two Tree Hill into the woods but is well-marked. It veers to the left and eventually meets a junction of paths (G).

Our route takes us left out of the woods and through a gate. The path now follows a diagonal course across the field (do not go through the two gates) to the corner of the field and then turn left (H). The path is now straight across two gates and a stile until a small road is met. Turn right at the road and then follow the footpath to the right (I). The path follows a course to the right of the field across a stile and then runs parallel to the hedgerow (which is on your left) across three fields, a thicket and then up a slope.

At the top of the slope, you will see a pylon and path ahead but ignore this path and turn right (J) towards the stile. Cross the stile and with the hedge on your left head back to the wood past a field used by Bromsgrove Mobile Flying Club. Back over the stile into the wood (G), this time take the left path. Again the path is well marked and comes out of the wood at a good viewpoint (K). Go over the stile keeping to the left of the hillock and go over the stile down the hill. Once you meet the road, turn right.

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